TV is the best medium to reach ordinary people in Iran. Damavand Horizon, a TV production company had been established in 2014. Our strategy is founded upon two pillars:

1. Raising awareness about transparency, freedom, justice, human dignity, rule of law, effective democratic institutions, healthy economy, secularism, gender equality and human dignity.

2. Empowering and strengthen civil societies in fighting corruption, actively promoting civil society with the knowledge, tools, and capability they need to actively and safely counter corruption.

Damavand Horizon is an independent educative TV production company based in Los-Angeles and Paris. Its output spans primetime original scripted programming towards building the necessary infrastructure in Iranian civil society to implement its strategies. A free press, open exchange of ideas based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and equal access to critical information are vital underpinnings for achieving a transparent society. Damavand Horizon believes that strengthening civil society, empowering them with awareness and education about the danger of corruption and the  importance of transparency, will be critical success factors for achieving peace and stability in Iran and in the Middle East.

Become a Corporate Partner

A corporate partnership with Damavand Horizon’s educative TV production, provides an opportunity for your company to impact the lives of millions of citizens in Iran and the Middle East. Become a corporate partner with Damavand Horizon and you can be confident that your company’s support will empower Iranian’s citizens with accurate quality information to counter the misery, drug trafficking, prostitution, sex trafficking, to ending the abuse of millions of children who work and live on the streets, to alert the public to the problem of the water shortage crisis. The well educated people will enhance mutual respect, tolerance, transparency, gender equality, prosperity and they will be motivated to help save their environment.

With your corporate support, our target audiences benefit from new technology, the latest research and the most knowledgeable experts who are able to provide the highest quality of educational programs. Choosing Damavand Horizon as your philanthropic partner or beneficiary helps to create transparency, tolerance, peace and stability now and tomorrow for the  planet’s future.

Damavand Horizon ensures that its sponsors receive positive media attention and project a desirable image to socially conscious customers and investors.

Together we can take care of our planet


If your company is interested in becoming a corporate partner, call: +15026228687 or email: [email protected]